You are tired of asking your children to translate what you are told over the phone? You are panicking each time you open your mailbox: “who is sending this? What does this figure down there mean, should I pay this or receive it?”. In France, you could easily handle these topics, but here you feel overwhelmed with daily requests, and you have difficulties in identifying what is critical – and at the end of the day, you can be an easy fraud victim?

Anna Connection Privée offers you, through a minimum 1-year subscription, a daily support on your paperwork, any meetings with medical services, house management, or any financial issue…

1- Manage your home

Follow-up visit 2 times a month
Repair and maintenance management
Mail and invoice management

2- Prepare your arrival

Housekeeping and laundry cleaning management
Check and start-up of the equipment
Organization and intervention of service providers (gardening, pool maintenance…)

3- Make your life easier

TV and Internet subscription
Help and support through administrative procedures
Co-owners meetings
Booking of restaurants, shows, guides…

Residents :

From 800 shekels per month

Non-residents :

From 500 shekels per month


“You know what you have to do”