When Yasmin comes to help Yaelle with her daughter Anna’s homework in hebrew, it is love at first sight.

Yaelle relies on Yasmin\s friendship during the first years – critical and fragile period – following her Alya to start her new life.

This is where the idea of creating a tailored service comes, aiming at enabling all the olim to enjoy a reassuring presence when they settle, like a copilot-translator for an optimal integration.

C’est de là que lui vient l’idée de créer un service sur mesure permettant aux olims de bénéficier eux aussi d’une présence rassurante dès leur arrivée agissant comme un copilote-interprète pour une intégration optimum.

And so was born in 2012 Anna’s Connection, Conciergerie Privee and Enteprise, towards both individuals and corporates. Combining Yasmin’s hutzpa and Yaelle’s rigor “a la francaise”.

An israeli lawyer, a french-speaking manager and a network of partners, experts in their domain, answering to daily needs (house, paperwork, etc.) of anyone willing to be better supported in their new country: that is Anna Connection’s aim.

“You know what you have to do”